Pakistani Anchor Barred From Appearing on TV for Inciting Hatred

Islamabad’s High Court passed a verdict last week temporarily barring Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a controversial yet influential TV anchor, from making TV, print or social media appearances in Pakistan.

The court said Hussain had been engaged in inciting hatred and violence in the country.

The court ruled on a petition filed against Hussain, known in Pakistan as the “king of ratings” because of his fame and the large audience he attracts. The petition demanded that Hussain be banned for life for repeatedly abusing his influence on air to instigate people to violence and extremism.

The court’s decision is temporary, and it will reconvene on January 10 for another hearing, at which the reporter will most likely receive a lifetime ban that will prevent him from appearing on any form of media.

The petition filed in court against Hussain accuses him of promoting religious intolerance by issuing Islamic fatwas, or religious decrees, during live shows that led to violent incidents in Pakistan.

“Liaquat used that show for a number of years to create social and religious divide in the country,” the petition reads