JKLF asks Indian rulers to find some courage and lift ban of political activities of resistance camp and leaders

Srinagar CNN Kashmir 10 Dec 2017:-

Police is continuing its nocturnal raids to arrest JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik who has gone in hiding to lead a protest rally towards UN observers’ office at Srinagar tomorrow on 10thDecember, the international human rights day. Police last night raided the residences of senior JKLF leaders Javed Ahmad Zargar and Muhammad Yasin Butt. Even the residence of Muhammad Yasin Butt sahibs’ in-laws was not spared and police harassed his in-laws too. Today Police raided the residence of JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal at Malbagh. It is worth to mention that Noor sahib yesterday had met with an accident and is bed ridden now. In pursuit to arrest JKLF leaders, Police also raided its office at Abi Guzar this after Noon.

     A Spokesman of JKLF while condemning these police raids and restrictions said that from last three days police has created havoc by raiding various houses and intimidated the kith and kin of many JKLF leaders and activists. He said that all this is being done to stop a peaceful political program announced by JRL and a country that claims to be the biggest democracy of the world with the help of its Kashmiri stooges is doing all these undemocratic and condemnable acts. He said that to stop a political program that is on human rights, occupational authorities have let loose a reign of terror. Curfews, restrictions, raids, arrests and other oppressive measures are being used to sabotage a peaceful program and a war like situation has been created by the so-called rulers. He said that India and its stooges often claim to have defeated the resistance movement of Kashmiris and also that no one in Kashmir is with resistance leadership but when a program is announced by resistance camp same rulers are seen busy in using military and police might to sabotage that program. This is a glaring example that Indian leaders and their Kashmiri stooges find to courage to allow resistance camp some political space. While condemning the ban on today’s seminar at Hyderpora (Geelani sahibs’ office), JKLF spokesman said that this clearly shows that Kashmir is a police state run by military and police. He said that if India and its Kashmiri stooges are truthful in their democratic claims they should find some courage and lift ban of political activities of resistance camp and leaders.  It is worth to mention that JKLF chairman has gone into hiding to lead tomorrows UN chalo Program from lal Chowk and InshaAllah will lead tomorrow’s program.